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“I can't even spell fackeltative, let alone underwrite it”
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  • Circuit Training for Underwriters

    Leadenhall Fitness Centre & Wine Bar
    An aerobic workout including 2 mins of push ups, 2 mins of sit ups, 2 mins of pull ups, 4 mins of drop downs, 5 down-in-ones, and a chaser. Followed by 10 mins on the step machine, 10 mins on the jogging machine, 4 years on the underwriting cycle, and a three mile run-off.
    Cost: 450.37p
  • Networking for the Insurance Industry

    The Priory, UK
    An ever-popular conference, providing a notable lack of information about IT networks, but plenty of opportunities for face-to-face drinking. The conference includes keynote drinkers, panel sessions, workshop sessions, late-night sessions, lock-in sessions, and regular breakout sessions for the lav. Conference sponsors include Alka-Seltzer and Evian.
    Cost: One liver.
  • Current Issues in Broking

    St Andrews Links
    A two-centre conference (the course and the 19th hole) with two break out sessions: Session One: retaining clients, risk assessments, investment management, commission versus fee, and managing the cycle. Session Two: the perfect grip, negotiating the bunker, matchplay, hole-in-ones, handicaps, driving, and perfect putting. Only one session need be chosen.
    Cost: 2,700
  • Paid Loss Retro Policies in a Soft Market

    Lord?s Cricket Ground
    A review of paid loss retro policies and their efficacy in a soft market. Full conference programme as follows:
    10.00 am Welcome speech
    10.02 am Drinks
    11.00 am Play starts: England to bat first on a good wicket
    1.00 pm Lunch
    1.40 pm Afternoon session: England forge ahead with ten wickets in hand
    3.40 pm Tea
    4.00 pm Final Session: England collapse. All out.
    6.00 pm Drinks
    9.00 pm Drunks
    Cost: Not a freebie ? honestly. Look at the title. As if.
  • New business for Lloyd?s syndicates

    Honest Bob?s Betting Shop, Aintree
    A short seminar explaining on-site and off-site betting for syndicate members, profit and loss accounting, laying off bets, working out the odds, and paying claims.
    Cost: 100 each way
  • Monte Carlo Rendezvous

    Monte Carlo
    Daily events: 8am champagne breakfast reception, 10am morning drinks reception, 1130am brunch reception, 1pm lunch reception, 3pm mid afternoon drinks reception, 5pm pre-dinner drinks reception, 7pm dinner reception, 9pm evening drinks reception, 11pm late night drinks reception. The Rendezvous offers endless opportunities for exchanging business cards, falling over drunk, making contacts, crawling back to hotel, arranging to meet at Baden Baden, sore head, spending vast amounts of company money (Casino and Jimmy?z), copping off.
    Cost: Liver, reputation, marriage, job
  • Baden Baden Reinsurance meeting

    Baden Baden
    Same as Monte Carlo rendezvous but in a different town with a different casino. Same old people. Lots of opportunities for networking, notworking, trying to remember who you met at the rendezvous, exchanging business cards, writing the odd line of business, doing interviews for insurance publications.
    Cost: $20,000 (including casino losses)
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