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“I can't even spell fackeltative, let alone underwrite it”
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Visiting Riskbitz

Take the A40 out of London, turning left at the Hanger Lane gyratory, onto the M4, stop for a cup of tea at the Heston Services, then carry on to Bristol, via the Nether Wallop by-pass, then take the M6 to Jersey, leave the motorway at Junction 48, signposted to the Firth of Forth, then right at the traffic lights, left to Walford, and straight on to Morecambe. Catch the 11.42am express to Birmingham New Street, and finally when you reach London, turn left, and we are just down there on the right, past the newsagents. Can’t miss us.

Who is behind RISKbitz?

Many believe that there is a shady organisation behind the front of decency and normality at RISKbitz. This is, of course, utter fantasy and nonsense. There are, in fact, at least five shady organisations behind RISKbitz, linked through a tangled web of offshore companies. They include the Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, the Ancient Order of Actuarial Monks, SPECTRE, and the Order of the Phoenix.

RISKbitz Management Structure

We are an autonomous collective based on narco-syndicalist principles.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, we have been forced to reveal the following:

Publisher: Bart Hogroy

Just-about-Managing Editor: Todd Gwynion

Editor: Delphine Jackson

Assistant to the Editor: Yoda

Make Up: Shrek

Choreographer: Tinky Winky

RISKbitz is published every third minute by RISKbitz On-line, a unit of RISKbitz Publishing, a division of RISKbitz Limited, part of the RISKbitz Group, itself an organisation run by RISKbitz Corp., a part of RISKbitz Global Media conglomerate.

Mission Statement

We believe that children are the future.

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