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Top Stories

Interest in Brazil market surges

Insurers around the world are becoming increasingly interested in the Brazilian insurance market, according to a new survey from RISKbitz. The growing interest has been driven by the liberalisation of the market in recent years, and the removal of the state reinsurer's monopoly.

Huge interest in Brazil over the summer

RISKbitz's survey found that 98.5% of C-Class executives in the insurance sector plan to visit Brazil at some point in June or July this year. According to the survey, the reasons for the visit were: M&A discussions (0.003%), renewal business (0.002%), fronting arrangements (0.0008%), discussions about local reinsurance requirements (0.002%), negotiations with regulator about licensing (0.05%), and other (99.12%). more...

Peak Beard reached in London market

Beyond peak beard. Way beyond.

The London insurance market may have reached "peak beard", according to industry insiders. The more beards there are among employees, the less tolerant senior managers become, according to scientists. When "peak beard" frequency is reached, the pendulum of tolerance swings back toward clean shaven chins - a trend we may be witnessing now, the scientists say.

Lloyd's chief etiquette officer Oliver Corby-Press recently completed a new survey of visitors to the market counting the numbers of beards worn by visitors and market workers. His findings confirm the scientific research.

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