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“You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why. EIOPA are talking about Solvency III. ”
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Top Stories

Reinsurers 'might as well give up' - Mega Broker renewal report

Reinsurers are on the brink of becoming extinct, according to a renewal round-up outlook report from Mega Broker. Against a background of zero demand for their outdated products, colossal over-capacity boosted by third party capital willing to steal their business for negative returns, reinsurers will soon be financial services dinosaurs, Mega Broker says.

Mega Broker's head of
analytics Dean Shardenfraud

In its report "All washed up: reinsurance husks have nothing to offer our clients", Mega Broker's head of analytics Dean Shardenfraud said that reinsurers could no longer even give away their treaty nor their fac coverage. "Cedants now consider reinsurance to be a negative value contributor to optimum business strategizing," Shardenfraud told RISKbitz. "All we hear from our clients is, please fix me up with some of that cheap as chips third or even fourth party capital." more...

Alt Cap widens capital gap

Harvard J Thwakkenbakker III

Alternative capital providers, which represent just 1% of the total number of reinsurance capital providers, provide as much reinsurance capital as the rest of the providers put together, according to a recent survey by the anti-capital charity, Actuaries R Us.

The share of the reinsurance market's overall capital held by alternative capital providers has been increasing steadily for years. Actuaries R Us called for action to halt the widening gap between the wealth of reinsurers and alternative capital providers.

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