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Top Stories

2014 Reinsurance Broker Best Practices Guide leaked

Richard 'Rikki' Leaks, RISKbitz's ace investigative reporter, has obtained a copy of the International Federation of Reinsurance Brokers' under the counter Best Practices Guide to Client Prospecting manual. Reprinted here in their entirety, including instructional footnotes, the practices have not changed in decades, according to Leaks' sauce at the IFRB.

Richard 'Rikki' Leaks hard at work

The IFRB's top ten reinsurance broker client prospecting strategy suggests calling a competitor's client and not-so-subtly implying the following: more...

This job sucks: risk managers surveyed

An unhappy risk manager

A new survey of corporate risk managers carried out by Mega Broker shows that all they ever do is moan. High prices for insurance, intangible risks, lack of connection with the c-suite, burdensome compliance on global programmes and trousers that are a bit too tight are just a few of the gripes expressed by risk managers.

The survey results, taken from interviews with over 10,000 corporate risk managers across Europe, revealed that risk managers are dissatisfied with virtually every aspect of their job and many wonder why they bother doing it all.

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